September 24 All Events

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September 24th, 2015 (September 24 2015)BirthVitellius, Roman Emperor (died in 69)
September 24th, 2007 (September 24 2007)EventIranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gives a controversial speech on the campus of Columbia University.
September 24th, 2005 (September 24 2005)EventHurricane Rita makes landfall in the United States, devastating Beaumont, Texas and portions of southwestern Louisiana.
September 24th, 2005 (September 24 2005)DeathTommy Bond, American actor (born in 1926)
September 24th, 2004 (September 24 2004)DeathFrancoise Sagan, French writer (born in 1935)
September 24th, 2003 (September 24 2003)DeathRosalie Allen, American singer and disc jockey (born in 1924)
September 24th, 2003 (September 24 2003)DeathLyle Bettger, American actor (born in 1915)
September 24th, 2002 (September 24 2002)DeathYoussouf Togoimi, Chadian rebel (born in 1953)
September 24th, 2002 (September 24 2002)DeathMike Webster, National Football League player (born in 1952)
September 24th, 1996 (September 24 1996)EventU.S. President Bill Clinton signed the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty at the United Nations.Bill Clinton Quotes
September 24th, 1994 (September 24 1994)EventNational League for Democracy is formed by Aung San Suu Kyi and various others to help fight against dictatorship in Myanmar.
September 24th, 1994 (September 24 1994)DeathUrmas Alender, Estonian singer (born in 1953)
September 24th, 1993 (September 24 1993)DeathBruno Pontecorvo, Italian physicist (born in 1913)
September 24th, 1993 (September 24 1993)DeathIan Stuart Donaldson, British musician (born in 1957)
September 24th, 1991 (September 24 1991)DeathTheodor Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, American children s writer (born in 1904)Dr. Seuss Quotes
September 24th, 1991 (September 24 1991)DeathPeter Bellamy, folk singer (born in 1944)
September 24th, 1990 (September 24 1990)EventPeriodic Great White Spot observed on Saturn
September 24th, 1988 (September 24 1988)EventSummer Olympics: Ben Johnson beats Carl Lewis and Linford Christie in the 100 metres sprint in a record time of 9.79 seconds. (Johnson would later be disqualified in a high profile case of doping.)
September 24th, 1988 (September 24 1988)BirthKarl Alzner, Canadian hockey player
September 24th, 1988 (September 24 1988)BirthKyle Sullivan, American actor
September 24th, 1988 (September 24 1988)BirthLisa Wang, American gymnastAn Wang Quotes
September 24th, 1987 (September 24 1987)BirthSpencer Treat Clark, American actor
September 24th, 1987 (September 24 1987)BirthMatthew Connolly, English footballer
September 24th, 1986 (September 24 1986)BirthLeah Dizon, model, singer and Japanese television
September 24th, 1984 (September 24 1984)BirthSzilvia Molnar, Swedish writer
September 24th, 1984 (September 24 1984)DeathNeil Hamilton, American actor (born in 1899)
September 24th, 1983 (September 24 1983)BirthRandy Foye, American basketball player
September 24th, 1982 (September 24 1982)BirthMorgan Hamm, American gymnast
September 24th, 1982 (September 24 1982)BirthPaul Hamm, American gymnast
September 24th, 1982 (September 24 1982)BirthJeff Karstens, American baseball player
September 24th, 1982 (September 24 1982)DeathSarah Churchill, British actress (born in 1914)
September 24th, 1981 (September 24 1981)BirthDrew Gooden, National Basketball Association player
September 24th, 1981 (September 24 1981)BirthRyan Briscoe, Australian racing driver
September 24th, 1981 (September 24 1981)DeathPatsy Kelly, American actress (born in 1910)
September 24th, 1980 (September 24 1980)BirthDaniele Bennati, Italian professional road racing cyclist
September 24th, 1980 (September 24 1980)BirthDean Canto, Australian racing driver
September 24th, 1980 (September 24 1980)BirthSabrine Maui, Filipino pornstar
September 24th, 1980 (September 24 1980)BirthPetri Pasanen, Finnish footballer
September 24th, 1980 (September 24 1980)BirthJohn Arne Riise, Norwegian footballer
September 24th, 1980 (September 24 1980)DeathJohn Bonham, British musician
September 24th, 1979 (September 24 1979)BirthJustin Bruening, American actor
September 24th, 1979 (September 24 1979)BirthFabio Aurelio, Brazilian footballer
September 24th, 1979 (September 24 1979)BirthKatja Kassin, German pornographic actress
September 24th, 1979 (September 24 1979)BirthRoss Mathews, American television personality and comedian
September 24th, 1978 (September 24 1978)BirthWietse van Alten, Dutch archer
September 24th, 1978 (September 24 1978)BirthTarek Saab, American TV show contestant
September 24th, 1978 (September 24 1978)DeathHasso von Manteuffel, German army general and politician (born in 1897)
September 24th, 1977 (September 24 1977)BirthFrank Fahrenhorst, German footballer
September 24th, 1976 (September 24 1976)BirthCarlos Almeida, Angolan basketball player
September 24th, 1976 (September 24 1976)BirthStephanie McMahon-Levesque, American professional wrestler
September 24th, 1975 (September 24 1975)BirthKyle Turley, former National Football League offensive lineman
September 24th, 1975 (September 24 1975)DeathEarle Cabell, Texas politician (born in 1906)
September 24th, 1974 (September 24 1974)BirthJohn McDonald, American baseball player
September 24th, 1973 (September 24 1973)EventGuinea-Bissau declares its independence from Portugal.
September 24th, 1973 (September 24 1973)BirthEddie George, American football player
September 24th, 1971 (September 24 1971)BirthMichael S. Engel, American paleontologist & entomologist
September 24th, 1971 (September 24 1971)BirthKevin Millar, American baseball player
September 24th, 1971 (September 24 1971)BirthPeter Salisbury, English drummer (The Verve)
September 24th, 1969 (September 24 1969)BirthShawn "Clown" Crahan, American musician (Slipknot)
September 24th, 1969 (September 24 1969)BirthDonald DeGrate, Jr., American music producer
September 24th, 1969 (September 24 1969)BirthGoya Toledo, Spanish actress and model
September 24th, 1969 (September 24 1969)BirthMegan Ward, American actress
September 24th, 1966 (September 24 1966)BirthStacy Galina, American actress
September 24th, 1966 (September 24 1966)BirthBernard Gilkey, Baseball player
September 24th, 1966 (September 24 1966)BirthMichael J. Varhola, American author
September 24th, 1965 (September 24 1965)BirthSean McNabb, American bassist (Quiet Riot, Great White, Rough Cutt, House of Lords)
September 24th, 1964 (September 24 1964)BirthRafael Palmeiro, Cuban-born baseball player
September 24th, 1962 (September 24 1962)EventUnited States court of appeals orders the University of Mississippi to admit James Meredith.
September 24th, 1962 (September 24 1962)BirthJack Dee, British comedianJack Dee Quotes
September 24th, 1962 (September 24 1962)BirthRosamund Kwan, Hong Kong Actress
September 24th, 1962 (September 24 1962)BirthMike Phelan, English former footballer
September 24th, 1962 (September 24 1962)BirthNia Vardalos, Canadian actress
September 24th, 1962 (September 24 1962)DeathCharles Reisner, American silent actor and film director (born in 1887)
September 24th, 1961 (September 24 1961)BirthAllen Bestwick, Nascar broadcaster
September 24th, 1961 (September 24 1961)BirthJohn Logan, American screenwriter
September 24th, 1959 (September 24 1959)BirthSteve Whitmire, American voice actor
September 24th, 1958 (September 24 1958)BirthKevin Sorbo, American actor
September 24th, 1957 (September 24 1957)EventCamp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe, is opened in Barcelona.
September 24th, 1957 (September 24 1957)EventPresident Dwight D. Eisenhower sends 101st Airborne Division troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce desegregation.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
September 24th, 1956 (September 24 1956)BirthHubie Brooks, American baseball player
September 24th, 1955 (September 24 1955)BirthRiccardo Illy, Italian politician
September 24th, 1954 (September 24 1954)DeathEdward Pilgrim, British suicide hastened by bureaucracy (born in 1904)
September 24th, 1952 (September 24 1952)BirthMark Sandman, American musician (died in 1999)
September 24th, 1951 (September 24 1951)BirthDouglas Kmiec, American legal scholar
September 24th, 1950 (September 24 1950)EventForest fires black out the sun over portions of Canada and New Englandied in A Blue moon (in the astronomical sense) is seen as far away as Europe.
September 24th, 1950 (September 24 1950)BirthAlan Colmes, American talk show host
September 24th, 1950 (September 24 1950)BirthKristina Wayborn, Swedish actress
September 24th, 1948 (September 24 1948)EventThe Honda Motor Company is founded.
September 24th, 1948 (September 24 1948)BirthHeinz Chur, German composer
September 24th, 1948 (September 24 1948)BirthGordon Clapp, American actor
September 24th, 1948 (September 24 1948)BirthPhil Hartman, Canadian actor (died in 1998)
September 24th, 1948 (September 24 1948)DeathWarren William, American actor (born in 1894)
September 24th, 1947 (September 24 1947)EventMajestic 12 is allegedly established by secret executive order of President Harry Truman
September 24th, 1947 (September 24 1947)BirthErik Hivju, Norwegian actor
September 24th, 1946 (September 24 1946)EventCathay Pacific Airways is founded in Hong Kong
September 24th, 1946 (September 24 1946)Birth"Mean" Joe Greene, American football player
September 24th, 1946 (September 24 1946)BirthLars Emil Johansen, Prime Minister of Greenland
September 24th, 1945 (September 24 1945)BirthLou Dobbs, American journalist
September 24th, 1945 (September 24 1945)DeathHans Geiger, German physicist (born in 1882)
September 24th, 1944 (September 24 1944)BirthDiana Korner, German actress
September 24th, 1942 (September 24 1942)BirthIlkka "Danny" Lipsanen, Finnish singer
September 24th, 1942 (September 24 1942)BirthGerry Marsden, English singer (Gerry and the Pacemakers)
September 24th, 1941 (September 24 1941)BirthLinda McCartney, American singer (died in 1998)Linda McCartney Quotes
September 24th, 1941 (September 24 1941)BirthJohn Mackey, National Football League player
September 24th, 1940 (September 24 1940)BirthYves Navarre, French writer (died in 1994)
September 24th, 1939 (September 24 1939)DeathCarl Laemmle, German film producer (born in 1867)
September 24th, 1938 (September 24 1938)DeathLev Schnirelmann, Russian mathematician (born in 1900)
September 24th, 1936 (September 24 1936)BirthJim Henson, American puppeteer (died in 1990)
September 24th, 1935 (September 24 1935)EventEarl Bascom and Weldon Bascom produce the first rodeo ever held outdoors under electric lights at Columbia, Mississippi
September 24th, 1935 (September 24 1935)BirthSean McCann, Canadian actor
September 24th, 1934 (September 24 1934)BirthTommy Anderson, Scottish footballer
September 24th, 1934 (September 24 1934)BirthJohn Brunner, British author (died in 1995)
September 24th, 1934 (September 24 1934)BirthManfred Worner, German politician and diplomat (died in 1994)
September 24th, 1933 (September 24 1933)DeathMike Donlin, baseball player (born in 1878)
September 24th, 1933 (September 24 1933)DeathAlice Muriel Williamson, British novelist (born in 1869)
September 24th, 1932 (September 24 1932)BirthDominique Michel, French Canadian comedian
September 24th, 1931 (September 24 1931)BirthAnthony Newley, British actor and singer (died in 1999)
September 24th, 1931 (September 24 1931)BirthMike Parkes, British Formula One driver (died in 1977)
September 24th, 1930 (September 24 1930)BirthJozef Krupinski, Polish poet (died in 1998)
September 24th, 1930 (September 24 1930)BirthAngelo Muscat, Maltese actor (died in 1977)
September 24th, 1930 (September 24 1930)BirthJohn W. Young, American astronaut
September 24th, 1930 (September 24 1930)DeathWilliam A. MacCorkle, Governor of West Virginia (born in 1857)
September 24th, 1929 (September 24 1929)BirthEdward M. Lawson, Canadian politician
September 24th, 1927 (September 24 1927)BirthAlfredo Kraus, Spanish tenor (died in 1999)
September 24th, 1925 (September 24 1925)BirthAutar Singh Paintal, Indian medical scientist (died in 2004)
September 24th, 1924 (September 24 1924)BirthNina Bocharova, Soviet gymnast
September 24th, 1924 (September 24 1924)BirthTheresa Merritt, American actress (died in 1998)
September 24th, 1924 (September 24 1924)BirthSheila MacRae, singer & actress
September 24th, 1923 (September 24 1923)BirthLouis Edmonds, American actor (died in 2001)
September 24th, 1923 (September 24 1923)BirthFats Navarro, American jazz trumpet player (died in 1950)
September 24th, 1922 (September 24 1922)BirthCornell MacNeil, American baritone
September 24th, 1921 (September 24 1921)BirthJim McKay, American sportscaster (died in 2008)
September 24th, 1920 (September 24 1920)BirthRichard Bong, American ace fighter pilot and Medal of Honor recipient (died in 1945)
September 24th, 1919 (September 24 1919)BirthDayton Allen, American actor and comedian (died in 2004)
September 24th, 1918 (September 24 1918)BirthAudra Lindley, American actress (died in 1997)
September 24th, 1914 (September 24 1914)BirthSir John Kerr, 18th Governor-General of Australia (died in 1991)
September 24th, 1912 (September 24 1912)BirthDon Porter, American actor (died in 1997)
September 24th, 1911 (September 24 1911)BirthKonstantin Chernenko, Soviet premier (died in 1985)Konstantin Chernenko Quotes
September 24th, 1910 (September 24 1910)BirthJean Servais, Belgian actor (died in 1976)
September 24th, 1909 (September 24 1909)BirthGerard Ciolek, Polish architect (died in 1966)
September 24th, 1906 (September 24 1906)EventU.S. President Theodore Roosevelt proclaims Devils Tower the nation s first National Monument.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
September 24th, 1905 (September 24 1905)BirthSevero Ochoa, Nobel Laureate (died in 1993)
September 24th, 1904 (September 24 1904)DeathNiels Ryberg Finsen, Danish physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1860)
September 24th, 1903 (September 24 1903)EventEdmund Barton steps down as Prime Minister of Australia and is succeeded by Alfred Deakin.
September 24th, 1900 (September 24 1900)BirthHam Fisher, American cartoonist (died in 1955)
September 24th, 1899 (September 24 1899)BirthSir William Dobell, Australian portrait artist (died in 1970)
September 24th, 1898 (September 24 1898)BirthHoward Walter Florey, Nobel Laureate (died in 1968)
September 24th, 1896 (September 24 1896)BirthF. Scott Fitzgerald, American novelist (died in 1940)F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes
September 24th, 1896 (September 24 1896)DeathLouis De Geer, 1st Swedish Prime Minister (born in 1818)
September 24th, 1895 (September 24 1895)BirthAndre Frederic Cournand, French Nobel Laureate (died in 1988)
September 24th, 1894 (September 24 1894)BirthTommy Armour, Anglo-American golfer (died in 1968)
September 24th, 1892 (September 24 1892)BirthAdelard Godbout, premier of Quebec (died in 1956)
September 24th, 1890 (September 24 1890)EventThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially renounces polygamy. Jesus Christ Quotes
September 24th, 1890 (September 24 1890)BirthMike Gonzalez, baseball player (died in 1977)
September 24th, 1890 (September 24 1890)BirthA. P. Herbert, British humorist, barrister, novelist (died in 1971)A. P. Herbert Quotes
September 24th, 1884 (September 24 1884)BirthGustave Garrigou, French cyclist (died in 1963)
September 24th, 1884 (September 24 1884)BirthHugo Schmeisser, German weapons designer (died in 1953)
September 24th, 1878 (September 24 1878)BirthC. F. Ramuz, Swiss writer (died in 1947)
September 24th, 1877 (September 24 1877)EventBattle of Shiroyama, decisive victory of the Imperial Japanese Army over the Satsuma Rebellion
September 24th, 1871 (September 24 1871)BirthLottie Dod, English athlete (died in 1960)
September 24th, 1870 (September 24 1870)BirthGeorges Claude, French chemist and inventor (died in 1960)
September 24th, 1869 (September 24 1869)Event"Black Friday": Gold prices plummet after Ulysses S. Grant orders the Treasury to sell large quantities of gold after Jay Gould and James Fisk plot to control the market.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
September 24th, 1858 (September 24 1858)BirthEugene Foss, 45th Governor of Massachusetts (died in 1939)
September 24th, 1852 (September 24 1852)EventThe first airship is displayed.
September 24th, 1841 (September 24 1841)EventThe Sultan of Brunei cedes Sarawak to Britain.
September 24th, 1834 (September 24 1834)DeathPedro I of Brazil, Emperor of Brazil (born in 1798)
September 24th, 1829 (September 24 1829)BirthCharles S. West, Texas jurist and politician (died in 1885)
September 24th, 1817 (September 24 1817)BirthRamon de Campoamor y Campoosorio, Spanish poet and philosopher (died in 1901) Philo Quotes
September 24th, 1802 (September 24 1802)BirthAdolphe d Archiac, French paleontologist and geologist (died in 1868)
September 24th, 1802 (September 24 1802)DeathAlexander Radishchev, Russian writer (born in 1749)
September 24th, 1801 (September 24 1801)BirthMikhail Vasilievich Ostrogradsky, Ukrainian scientist (died in 1862)
September 24th, 1789 (September 24 1789)EventThe office of the Attorney General of the United States of America, and the United States Post Office Department are established.
September 24th, 1755 (September 24 1755)BirthJohn Marshall, 4th Chief Justice of the United States (died in 1835)John Marshall Quotes
September 24th, 1742 (September 24 1742)DeathJohann Matthias Hase, German scientist (born in 1684)
September 24th, 1739 (September 24 1739)BirthGrigori Alexandrovich Potemkin, Russian statesman (died in 1791)
September 24th, 1732 (September 24 1732)DeathEmperor Reigen of Japan (born in 1654)
September 24th, 1725 (September 24 1725)BirthSir Arthur Guinness, Irish brewer (died in 1803)
September 24th, 1717 (September 24 1717)BirthHorace Walpole, British novelist and politician (died in 1797) Horace Quotes
September 24th, 1707 (September 24 1707)DeathVincenzo da Filicaja, Italian poet (born in 1642)
September 24th, 1705 (September 24 1705)BirthLeopold Josef Graf Daun, Austrian field marshal (died in 1766)
September 24th, 1664 (September 24 1664)EventThe Netherlands surrenders New Amsterdam to England.
September 24th, 1646 (September 24 1646)DeathDuarte Lobo, Portuguese composer (bc. 1565)
September 24th, 1625 (September 24 1625)BirthJohan de Witt, Dutch politician (died in 1672)
September 24th, 1621 (September 24 1621)DeathJan Karol Chodkiewicz, Polish military commander (born in 1560)
September 24th, 1605 (September 24 1605)DeathManuel Mendes, Portuguese composer (bc. 1547)
September 24th, 1583 (September 24 1583)BirthAlbrecht von Wallenstein, Austrian general (died in 1634)
September 24th, 1564 (September 24 1564)BirthWilliam Adams, British navigator (died in 1620)
September 24th, 1545 (September 24 1545)DeathAlbert of Mainz, archbishop and elector of Mainz (born in 1490)
September 24th, 1541 (September 24 1541)DeathParacelsus, Swiss alchemist (born in 1493)
September 24th, 1534 (September 24 1534)BirthGuru Ram Das, fourth Sikh Guru (died in 1581)
September 24th, 1513 (September 24 1513)BirthCatherine of Saxe-Lauenburg, Queen of Sweden (died in 1535)
September 24th, 1501 (September 24 1501)BirthGerolamo Cardano, Italian mathematician (died in 1576)
September 24th, 1494 (September 24 1494)DeathPoliziano, Italian humanist (born in 1454)
September 24th, 1435 (September 24 1435)DeathIsabeau of Bavaria, wife of Charles VI of France (bc. 1370)
September 24th, 1301 (September 24 1301)BirthRalph Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford, English soldier (died in 1372)
September 24th, 1275 (September 24 1275)DeathHumphrey de Bohun, 2nd Earl of Hereford, Constable of England (born in 1208)
September 24th, 1213 (September 24 1213)DeathGertrude of Merania, wife of Andrew II of Hungary (murdered) (born in 1185)
September 24th, 1180 (September 24 1180)EventManuel I Komnenos, last Emperor of the Komnenian restoration dies. The Byzantine Empire slips into terminal decline.
September 24th, 1180 (September 24 1180)DeathManuel I Comnenus, Greek Byzantine Emperor (born in 1118)
September 24th, 1143 (September 24 1143)DeathAgnes of Germany, daughter of Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1072)
September 24th, 1143 (September 24 1143)DeathPope Innocent II
September 24th, 1120 (September 24 1120)DeathWelf II, Duke of Bavaria (born in 1072)
September 24th, 1118 (September 24 1118)DeathRobert of Knaresborough, hermit (born in 1160)
September 24th, 1054 (September 24 1054)DeathHermannus Contractus, scholar (born in 1013)
September 24th, 0768 (September 24 0768)DeathPippin the Short, King of the Franks (born in 714)
September 24th, 0622 (September 24 0622)EventProphet Muhammad completes his hegira from Mecca to Medina.
September 24th, 0366 (September 24 0366)DeathPope Liberius

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